RiPlantme – Triggering sales and reach through digital cooperation

Dec 1st 2020

RiPlantme – Triggering sales and reach through digital cooperation

In times of Corona online sales has skyrocket. But is this true also for sales of plants?

The production of living plants from professional growers still relys very much on sales through traditional retail outlets. The online sales of living plants does amount to less than 10 % regarding the total volume bought from consumers in Germany every year. There are at least two main challenges when offering plants online:

  • The value of plants at least as individual item is in most cases rather low. Costs of mail shipping are considerable high and thus increases the item price.
  • Newly launched online shops are often not found, means unvisible to consumers, and masked through higher ranked big players in the web.

The RiPlant AG has an own shop .In September we wanted to find out wether we can get answers to those challenges by cooperating with the digital consultant Christian Koopmann. Firstly, we have designed an attractive set of green plants, named „Amazonia – Plant your own little jungle“. We added extra value to it, since the plants were produced in an authentic family nursery inmidst the Alps, so really handcrafted plants. The standardized set was offered in different digital ads to various target groups in facebook and instagram. Apart from measuring reach and sales we have also analysed the „customer journey“ of each sales in order to adjust our ads and spendings on daily basis.

Results: Within a period of only four weeks we were able to increase reach of the product and generate sales significantly In total we reached more than 100.000 users. Besides the interest group for „garden & plants“ we got the second most orders from a consumer group having focus on „house renovation and furnitures“. With only little more than 1.000 Euros spent on ads, we were able to adjust our campaign in order to keep cost / sales low.

The experiences have shown, that an online offer of plants does not necessarily need a broad assortment as long as the product itself is of relevance for the targetted consumers and visible to them in the medias they are using. Such digital triggered test sales are very interesting to growers to test their products directly on consumers. But also breeders can simulate consumer acceptance on new varieties or concepts before they go live in mass production.

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