Corona virus and Sustainability – does that go together?

Mar 16th 2020

Corona virus and Sustainability – does that go together?

It certainly does. As far as is known, the dangerous virus originates from wild animals that are sold for consumption on Chinese food markets and elsewhere in Asia.

So, the exploitation of nature has now caused a global health crisis. It is time to rethink! We cannot continue like we used to and need to change to more sustainable lifestyles. That is relevant on the whole planet, as all-natural resources – apart from the sun and wind – are finite. Horticulture must also take up this challenge. Less plastic, less CO2 emissions, less water consumption and of course less pesticides. In many cases this is already possible and at RiPlant this is virtually in the company DNA. Just recently I was invited to a workshop as a session leader on the topic of sustainability. Unfortunately, the workshop was cancelled at short notice. Because of: CORONA.   

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