Fleuroselect conference 2019 at Benary

Aug 1st 2019

Fleuroselect conference 2019 at Benary

This year, the Fleuroselect - Annual Convention took place in Kassel. Delegates from 38 companies from 16 countries came together, including Robert Wacker (Media Concept Switzerland AG) and Wilhelm Gregg (Gregg Marketing AG) to discuss the latest developments in the field of breeding and to exchange experiences. In this blog we report some details.

Dr. Mathias Redlefsen and Klaudia Benary-Redlefsen welcomed the participants and gave an overview of the garden market in Germany, as well as an insight into the 175-year company history of Benary. It was quite impressive to hear the entrepreneurial spirit and optimism that have led Benary for generations. Even the most severe setbacks and macroeconomic developments have been "overcome" and currently Benary is in the sixth generation in family ownership and is developing dynamically.

The hosts Klaudia Benary-Redlefsen and Dr. Mathias Redlefsen
The hosts Klaudia Benary-Redlefsen and Dr. Mathias Redlefsen

10 years FleuroStar

Another highlight was the retrospective of 10 years Fleurostar. Ann Jennen presented the winners of recent years and also emphasized the financial success, the breeding companies could achieve by winning the Fleurostar. The Fleurostar is the consumer award from Fleuroselect.

FleuroStar – the consumer price of Fleuroselect
FleuroStar – the consumer price of Fleuroselect

Fleuroselect gold 2019

In a festive atmosphere, this year's winners of the Fleuroselect gold medals were honored. These are 2019:

Silene pendula 'Sibelle Carmine' - Breeder: Van Hemert. The award was given to CEO Rob van der Voort

Leucanthemum x superbum 'Madonna' - Breeder: Pan American Seeds. The award was accepted by Anne Leventry, President of Pan American Seeds

Tropaeolum minus 'Baby Rose' - Breeder: Takii / Sahin. The prize was accepted by Sales Manager Irma Janssen

The impressive Gala evening at the end of the event will be remembered by all participants and has been superbly designed by the Benary team.

In 2020, the 50th anniversary of Fleuroselect will be held in Amsterdam.

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