Erica Heidi‘s® – only the toughest will enter the garden

Feb 1st 2021

Erica Heidi‘s® – only the toughest will enter the garden

Since brand relaunch of Erica serie Heidi´s®, which was worked out from RiPlant in co-operation with project leader Sabine Hiedl in 2020, market demand of Heidi´s® has increased steadily.

One question, which is related to past consumer experiences with the old erica generations are coming up again and again. Are Erica gracilis specifically cold sensitive? In order to give profound answers, the company Hiedls is testing every year their seedlings benchmarking them with existing market varieties. If a seedling is not performing better in the criteria of cold tolerance, it would lead to drop it from further breeding programmes. Only the best erica varieties can make into the Heidi´s® family and ultimately in consumers garden. Since the company Hiedl is located inmidst of the Allgäuer Alps, you can expect that these harsh testing conditions cannot be topped.

All the advantages from such testing are for the benefit of the final consumer. While old varieties will end as green waste after a very short flowering period, Heidi´s® will last long into early winter even and shine with their excellent colours. Just exposed to temperatures below 5° Celsius for several days Heidi´s® flowers also start to decay.

Interested visitor are allowed to visit the cold tolerance tests at Hiedl if their visit is announced well in advance with the company.

This, as many other aspects of Heidi´s® are part RiPlants brand communication campaign on behalf of Hiedl. Stay here for reading more.

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