Runaway Bride® und French Bolero® – on the way to become a consumer brand

Feb 1st 2021

Runaway Bride® und French Bolero® – on the way to become a consumer brand

In the spring of 2018, the Runaway Bride® garden hydrangea was presented to the consumer for the first time.

A specialist mail order company for plants and garden items and a garden center in Switzerland carried out this sales test. Consumers were enthusiastic right from the start. RiPlant is responsible for brand management - from day one.

The specialty of the white flowering Runaway Bride® is the garland-like growth. While "normal" hydrangeas only bloom at the tip of the shoot, the garland hydrangeas develop flowers on every pair of leaves. In addition to the perfect marketing package and the outstanding brand management from RiPlant, this unique selling point is the basis of success.

Runaway Bride® stands for a clear and attractive «white». Soon the question arose, shouldn't we also offer BLUE and PINK hydrangeas with the same growth characteristics. As a result of the collaboration with the breeder of the French Bolero® variety, joint marketing of the two varieties will take place for the first time from spring 2021.

The joint appearance and public relations work is also organized by RiPlant. Would you also like to find out more about how successfully brands are developed and introduced? We look forward to meeting you.

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