Richard Petri

Richard is founder and managing director of RiPlant AG.

He has worked all his career in different sectors of the garden industry in international management positions. His insights into breeding and production are useful to supplement his skills in marketing and sales while consulting other companies. 

A major key value for all his clients is his broad international network within the industry. This is one of the starting points of RiPlant.

Examples of brands which were created and managed by Richard are:

Allgäuer meets  Africa

Africa always fascinated me. To focus on the important aspects is the biggest lesson I have learned there.

Rekik Mehari

Rekik has a degree in economics and financial management. She is in the RiPlant team responsible for all administration tasks and the book keeping.

Fit with numbers

Fitness with rhythm. This makes me work happily and effectively with numbers.


Richard Petri works closely together with a defined team of Media-Concept, Switzerland. Key competences in horticulture, marketing, graphic design and online media supplement the activities of RiPlant right from the start of any project - no matter if the request is to design a logo, to define a marketing mix or to develop more complex activities which include supply chain and sales.  We feel that we can handle with our specialists many of the challenges companies face in the garden industry.


Ralf Benger

Ralf´s origin is in graphic design. He works for more than 20 years in the areas of connectional marketing  communication to serve clients from within the garden industry. In 2008 he has founded his own company in Switzerland – the Media Concept Schweiz.


More than sea  

Sailing is for me not just being out on the sea. Sailing makes me feel relaxed and gives me inspiration for new ideas.


Robert Wacker

Robert is a professional grower himself and a graduated horticultural technician. He worked for many years in plant production companies mainly in sales positions. Since 1998 he moved into the field of “Green marketing” and has gained since than extensive experience with clients from around the globe.


Flying high

In 1974 I listened the first time to “Über den Wolken” (above the clouds) by Reinhard Mey. Since then, I am excited about civil aviation.


Christian Benger

Christian did an apprenticeship as a forest warden and a landscaper. He is our green DNA! He introduced sustainable thinking in our team and supplements his skills from his degree in “International Management” into RiPlant.



For me, tennis has two big advantages: not only can I clear my head but also do some sports at the same time.

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