Bamboo Orchid (Dendrobium nobile)

May 1st 2019

It always attracts attention when two plant characteristics are linguistically combined! Actually, "bamboo" and "orchid" do not really fit together. However, this creation of words was an important prerequisite for the sales success of the plant that we would like to introduce to you today.

As we reported last month with the example of the hydrangea "Runaway Bride", exceptional genetics is a prerequisite for success. Other plant brands have also become established in the market because of their excellent properties, e.g. the bamboo orchid (Dendrobium nobile). Their flower clusters are formed directly on the stem, which looks very much like bamboo. This East Asian orchid flowers especially in the winter months long and persistent. 

The white Dendrobium variety shown in the pictures is commercially available under the name Bamboo Orchid Pure White 'Apollon'. The particularly pure white of the flowers is very attractive and is exceptional. In traditional Chinese medicine, the bamboo orchid is also used as a medicinal plant.

The Bamboo Orchid brand is available in many European countries in the following colors: Purple, Orange, Yellow, White, Pink


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