RiPlant assigned as marketing consultant of Elsner PAC

Feb 1st 2021

RiPlant assigned as marketing consultant of Elsner PAC

Looking back to a long and challenging history the well known youngplant and breeding company Elsner PAC in Dresden is now getting ready with new services for the future.

Just recently PAC re-located their company´s headquarter from Dresden to neighbouring Thiendorf by building a brand new, „state-of-the-art“ plant production, which is unparalleled not only for the region, but far beyond it.

PACs research and development department „biotec“ has just been upgraded with new equipment and staffed with additional science experts. The analytics includes PCR testing, Elisa and serological methods as well as soil and substrate tests which will ensure that inquiries from agriculture, horticulture and also substrate companies can be accomodated in order to safeguard productions and products fast and cost-efficiently. This portfolio of analytical services shall be communicated within the horticulture industry and beyond.

With RiPlant we have recently qualified to assist and support PAC´s marketing expert Antonia Feindura in her efforts to strengthen PAC customer relationsships and gain new customers for the company.

As a first measure RiPlant developped a small information leaflet covering „biotec“ services and will help to distribute this on a broader level.

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