“Fire & Ice” – shopping plants was never easier

Aug 1st 2019

“Fire & Ice” – shopping plants was never easier

It is a fact that sales of plants through the organized “non-specialist” retail towards the consumer is steadily increasing. Experts are clear about it, it will further grow, especially for plants which are purchased in masses, like Pelargonium. Another aspect is, that already 1999 studies at retail level have proven that for about two third of all unplanned purchases, the decisions are taken on the spot, means in the shop. The decisive sense for taking a buying decision by consumers is the visual impression on the spot.

Grasses are totally trendy, since many years. So far, the specialist trade claims to sell large assortments via the plants botanical and technical describtion. But there are doubts, wether modern consumer really knows about latin names. Just imagine how the popular grass of “Pennisetum alopecuroides” shall be placed in your garden and how to care about it. This kind of dilemma from the side of the consumer was sparkling off the idea of “RIPLANT.me”. This already registered trademark brands the newest concept of RiPlant AG. It shall make purchase of plants easier and more convenient especially for those consumers with little know how about plants. 

The very first concept “Fire & Ice” contains two common grasses varieties, which differ clearly in look and purpose. Red Savannah, commonly named as African fountain grass is a seasonal heat – and drought resistant grass, while Blue Mountain, mostly named the blue grass, is an endurable,  cold resistant grass, which is even winterhardy in our regions. Both grass varieties can be used either as garden plants but also in pots outdoors. These are basically the most important facts for using them successfully. To add value, every pot sales supports small scale farmers in the Ethiopian highlands, who virtually live from Festuca grass, which they call Guassa. The Guassa land is also home to some of the most endangered wildlife on earth.

The “Fire & Ice” concept foresees striking point-of-sales materials to support sales in 2020. To reach out even easier to consumers the concept also includes an attractive take-away carton tray which holds up to 4 pots of these grasses for picking them from the shelf and taking them home. 

For sure, purchasing plants has never been easier. There is more to see and know, once the concept is launched during spoga&gafa in Cologne this year in early September.

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