Alles dreht sich um Kaffee

Oct 1st 2020

Alles dreht sich um Kaffee

Astonishingly, we have managed to produce thousandes of coffee plants in excellent quality in the Bavarian mountains, where RiPlant is based throughout summer.

Two young entrepreneurs made a similar approach in a coutryside village called Wehringen, which lies in the middle of nowwhere. About 6 years ago they began their journey in search of the soul of coffee. On their way they discovered some of the best coffee origins throughout the planet. Soon their hobby became serious business. Today Stefan and Max roast per year about 15 tons of coffee . Their business model is grounded on unique tastes / flavours and direct trade dealing fair with their suppliers in the tropics. Many varieties are bio-certified. Already 50 % of their sales goes through their own webshop

Together with real coffee plants produced by both companies see mutual benefits when working together. Both companies are optimistic to reach out to more customers and hopefully to increase their turnover with value added products. Certainly these producted combinations cannot be found in common retail chains.

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