Kitchen gardens en vogue!

May 1st 2019

Kitchen gardens en vogue!

Since the urban-gardening-movement the rediscovered desire to cultivate own food crops has been continuously rising throughout all generations. The previously considered “old fashioned” kitchen gardens in Germany, named “Schrebergarten” has totally become en vogue.

About 45 percent of a   million “Schrebergarten” in Germany is today rented out to young people or families with children. The demand is permanently on the rise especially in urban areas so that 60 % of all garden associations keep stand-by lists to handle this boom. This development is good for the users themselves but it is also beneficiary to nature. As most of those gardens are managed organically or at least on low chemical inputs, the concentration of many plant species leads directly to more biodiversity, which greatly helps the pollinating insects and other smaller animals to survive. 

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