BIO - a trend is growing

Oct 1st 2020

BIO - a trend is growing

Flower bulbs don't come to mind when you think about organic products for horticulture.

In the motherland of flower bulbs and tubers, things are still very traditional, i.e. Plant treatment products are used that guarantee a safe harvest. Now some bulb producers in Holland have recognized that there are many retail companies that rely on organically grown flower bulbs.

BIO can be the decisive argument for profiling and positioning companies. There are also keywords such as REGIONAL and SUSTAINABLE. We would be happy to enter in an interesting discussion to find out, which of these subject areas can be helpful for your company.


This interesting table shows that this trend is irreversible and where the organic world champions are located:

Spending on organic products in 2018 by country:
Germany - 82 million inhabitants - 9.5 billion euros
France - 67 million inhabitants - 6.7 billion euros
Italy - 60.6 million inhabitants - 2.6 billion euros
United Kingdom - 66.4 million inhabitants - 2.5 billion euros
Switzerland - 8.5 million inhabitants - 2.3 billion euros


Expenditure on organic products per capita:
Switzerland = 274 euros
Denmark = 220 euros
Sweden = 200 euros
Luxembourg = 190 euros
Austria = 165 euros

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