Pink Kisses® by

Apr 1st 2021

Pink Kisses® by

The adorable potcarnation Pink Kisses® excites youngsters and agers across Europe.

In 2021 RiPlant AG facilitates through its own webshop a co-operation with the breeding company Selecta one. The idea is to generate Pink Kisses® sales via digital campaigns and to reach out with Pink Kisses DIY-Sets to happy product winners from spring to autumn. For online marketing the brand has developped dedicated „friend-sets“, which will not be in competition to Pink Kisses in retail. The sets contain Pink Kisses plants supplied by RiPlant plus desirable brand additions in double version like lip sticks and pot covers, which can be forwarded from the owner also to his best friend.

Pink Kisses

The campaign will be promoted in online channels like facebook and instagram but also „offline“ in relevant consumer magazines. Through this campaign we are convinced to reach out with product to „non classical“ garden owners, especially younger people and to increase brand awareness further. The campaign „Hallo Frühling“ is going to be launched directly after Easter.

Hallo Frühling

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