Rush on potatoes with Potatoo® by pac®

Apr 1st 2021

Rush on potatoes with Potatoo® by pac®

Freshly cooked as creative idea, RiPlant developped a new marketing concept for pot potatoes under the brand „Potatoo®“.

The series comprises a hand-selected range from Elsner pac® of gourmet potatoes, which are easily and sustainably to be grown in housegardens and even on balconies.


The varieties are very strong against common disesases. The potatoes themselves are delicious in taste and can be used for a wide range of menues in the kitchen. Like tomatoes and other snack vegetables consumers will find ready-to-grow plants as starting material in garden centers different to what is rather known as „seed potatoes“.


The communication concept of RiPlant does not end with logo and labels, but continues to lead a joint campaign together with Elsner pac®, a famous young plant company in Dresden mostly known for its outstanding work in Geranium breeding. In 2021 already, the communication will be adressed directly to consumers by using social medias and a designated land page Here consumers will not only be supported to grow Potatoo®, but will also find ideas and recipies to celebrate its final product in their kitchens.

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